The results

Together we have developed two hybrid forms of collaboration and exchange:

Secret world

Our first future workshop in the project (“future lab #1”) had the goal of connecting the analogue and digital worlds in a game. In this way, the “secret world” that is hidden behind many things was to be made symbolically visible. But before we could start, we familiarised ourselves in a workshop with the theory of games, the different types of games and the possibilities of linking the old (analogue) and the new (digital) world.

In Santander (Spain), the students developed the game DISCOVER CANTABRIA:

It offers the opportunity to discover the different municipalities of the Autonomous Region of Cantabria in a fun way. The game includes 10 municipality cards and 40 playing cards depicting typical dishes, famous personalities, places of interest and others. They contain a QR code that only works when the player has collected all the cards of the municipality (quartet principle).

In Stralsund (Germany), the focus was on the game HADES – Children of Olymp. A board game based on Greek mythology that uses QR codes to connect to the digital “underworld”.

Message in a bottle

In our second future workshop (“future lab #2”), the two youth groups from Santander (Spain) and Stralsund (Germany) told a story together. Without words and 1,718 km away from each other, a digital dialogue developed step by step. It began with a short video from Stralsund, which was then seen and answered in Santander. With the help of a digital board, the video snippets were strung together until they finally produced the exciting final result.

For many of the young participants, it was their very first experience of transnational cooperation.

All project results, as well as additional documents, will be available on the Erasmus+ result platform.

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