And it is going on

“What you have to learn in order to do something, you learn by doing it.” (Aristotle)

During our training activity from 28.03. to 01.04.2022 at Decroly in Santander, the teachers, and learners of the three partner organizations did just that. With the approach of a growth-oriented way of thinking, which follows the theory of Carol Dweck (professor of psychology at Stanford University) that everyone can learn everything, we fundamentally dealt with the challenges of linking the analog and digital world and looked at learning types, learning methods and competence requirements (of the future). And all this not only theoretically, but also practically.

In the various settings, we tried out a variety of analog games, experimented with open-source learning programs and tools for creating learning games, and gathered valuable insights. What thematic and technological options can we best use to ensure that young people acquire basic skills for their lives in a playful way – through gamified learning – while at the same time not getting “lost” in the digital world?

After our active and instructive work week, we agreed that the most important thing is to strike a balance between analog and digital learning, and that joy and fun as motivational drivers must not be neglected to make the learning process successful and sustainable.

Everyone learned a lot. We will use the newly acquired skills and knowledge for our further work in the project.

Theoretical input on the value of playing
Game round activity – card games
Brainstorming on hybrid gaming
Game round activity – board games
Getting to know “Scratch”
Experimenting with AR code

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